… put into different words. Both Vodafone and Orange and even Cosmote – who was a little reticent to invest in Internet advertising [I expect this to radically change in September, with company’s rebranding as T-Mobile] – are in unison these days: In-ter-net, they say.

In other words: the data consumption on mobile phone is a strategic revenue stream for the telecom industry. A revenue stream that, on a medium and long term, is in danger to lose market share because voice calls migrate to apps, wireless etc.

WhatsApp prepares voice calling directly from the app. Facebook Messenger got out of the iOS and Android native applications and already has wireless voice call [or via data]. Skype is already a veteran on that market, Viber and others are growing. The future of voice mobile communications in changing. Not slowly and surely. Fastly. And surely.

PS. Let’s not forget what bought Facebook with 19 billion dollars [RO], really.