Who am I?

My name is Dragos Stanca and this is my page. I don’t see dStanca.net as a blog, but as a place where I write about Business (Internet, technology, digital marketing and content) and, sometimes, about things I love (or hate) in Life. I like to capture Moments and to invite Friends (or people I like) to write here.

I find it rather ridiculous to talk too much about myself. But I also think it would be disrespectful to let those who don’t know me to find on their own what I’m up to. So…

What I do?

I devote most of my time to TDGs projects, a group including several companies where I’m involved (digital marketing, adnetwork, online media, marketing technology). I’m also the founder of ICEEfest - Interactive Central & Eastern Europe Festival. Lesser time, obviously, I set aside to personal business projects and investments. As well as to getting a life…

What I did?

I started as a news reporter and came to manage, years later, media companies with hundreds of employees. I started from scratch various entrepreneurial projects. I surely learned from the few successful projects, but I mostly I learned from my mistakes and failures.

Briefly, since I was a student, I worked solely in media and communication projects:

  • 1995 – reporter, editor and editor-in-chief at Radio Contact Cluj station [currently Kiss FM]
  • 1998 – head of department and editor at Ziarul de Cluj [a local project of the Swiss publisher Ringier]
  • 1999 – editor-in-chief at the local weekly Clujeanul [MediaPro, currently Mediafax]
  • 1999 – TV host at ProTV in Cluj
  • 2001 – general manager for regional newspapers and websites of PubliMedia [currently Mediafax Group]
  • 2003 – general manager for print & online at PubliMedia
  • 2006 – general manager for print & online at Catavencu [later Realitatea-Catavencu]
  • 2008 – general manager at F5 [webdevelopment, online sales, investments, digital content]
  • 2010 – founder of Q2M [adnetwork, digital marketing]
  • 2010 – founder of Publyo [webdevelopment, online strategy, publishing]
  • 2012 – founder of ICEEfest  [Interactive Central & Eastern Europe Festival]
  • 2012 – managing partner ThinkDigital Romania [part of TDG after the merger with Q2M]

What can we do?

  1. If you own or manage a business that needs digital advertising spaces in CEE and EMEA, marketing technologies, webdevelopment or online promotion, we can work together. My colleagues and I are around for this 10-12 hours a day.
  2. If you have an idea or a project (especially in online services, e-commerce or apps, but not only) we can talk about how we can earn together. Worth mentioning: a correct partnership is a win-win (so please note that my time has a value – either money or shares in the business you’re trying to start based on my advice).
  3. If you’re looking for a partner to expand your business in EMEA or Central and Eastern Europe I can try to help you with my networking. Same win-win policy applies.
  4. If neither 1, nor 2 or 3… we can become friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or simply keep in touch here.

Uh… it seems as time goes by it takes me more and more words to redraft “briefly” this… So I thank you a lot for being patient enough to read all this through!